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Year 6

Welcome to Term 5


Term 5 already?! This year is flying by! Our SATs are only 3 weeks away and we have been working our socks off so far this year to be the best we can be for them.. and we won't be slowing down now! 


Our Literacy will continue to focus of Skellig this term, learning more about the mysterious man in Michael's garage and exploring his friendship with his precocious neighbour, Mina. In Maths, we will be covering anything that we feel we need to revise before our SATs happen in Week 4, and then we will be doing an exciting project using nets.


For Topic this term, we will be looking at the Vicious Vikings and creating some amazing work around their invasion of England in 793 AD. For Science, we will be looking at Light and investigating how it travels and how we see light. 


I for one am excited for this term, to prove how well we've been doing this year and continue to have fun whilst working as hard as we can! :)

Welcome to Term 4


This year has been speeding past- not sure how we're in Term 4 already! We hope you've had a lovely break and are recharged and ready for another action packed term ahead!


In Literacy this term, we are focusing on a new book called Skellig by David Almond. It has also been made into a film so we will be watching it alongside our reading to really immerse ourselves in the story and help us visualise the characters and settings. In Maths, our focus has turned to our reasoning skills with Time, Angles, Area/Perimeter, Ratio, Proportion and the dreaded Algebra on the agenda for this term! But knowing our amazing Year 6's, they will continue to smash it!


In Topic, we are looking at Global Branding and will be coming up with our own inventive brands that sell products or provide services to the global market. We will consider how to make our brands a success- considering advertisement and costs of taking your brand global! In Science, we will be looking at classification of animals and other living things, continuing from our previous focus on animals' adaptation to their environments.


We're looking forward to another fantastic term!

Welcome to Term 3


We hope you have had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


After a year of uncertainty, 2022 is hopefully going to be a year of exciting times ahead. For Year 6, we want to make the most of their remaining time at Minster with another fantastic term. They have been working so hard during the year so far and we are certainly not stopping now- this term we will be looking at The Whale Rider in Literacy, which is an Oscar nominated film based on a traditional Maori Tribe story about overcoming obstacles that we can learn a lot from. In Maths, we will be building on our knowledge we've built so far, with work on decimals and percentages and focusing more on Reasoning than we ever had before. Topic is about the Rainforest this term and we will be particularly looking at the effects that us as humans are having on the world around us.


We are certainly excited to get back into our routine of working hard, having fun and learning lots!

Welcome to Term 2


What a fantastic start to the year we've had! I couldn't be prouder of every member of Year 6 for the effort they have put in so far- it's an important year and we are certainly making the most of our time together so far, and will continue to do so this term!


This term we will be focusing on the story 'Holes' by Louis Sachar, which you may know from the 2002 Disney film, which we will also be using to enhance our descriptive writing with the use of the visuals as well as the novel. In Maths, we will be focusing on all things Fractions! I can hear the cheers already! They are such an important foundation of Maths and we need to know them inside out in order to do well this year. 


In Topic, we will be looking at the first black president of the United States: Barack Obama as part of our Black History topic. We will learn about his life which led him to becoming such a historical black figure and his struggles along the way with prejudice. In Science, our learning will be about the classification of animals and how animals have adapted to their specific habitats.


All of this learning will lead us to an exciting set of Christmas based activities and celebrations which I'm sure will be an exciting and enjoyable end to the term!

Welcome to Term 1


We can't wait to start the new school year with you all- we know it's going to be a year filled with hard work and fun! This is your last year here at Minster and we know that you're going to be the best you can be! Good luck to you all doing your Kent Tests; all we can ask is for you to try your hardest.


During this term, we will be focusing on 'The Viewer' by Gary Crew and illustrated by Shaun Tan for our Literacy text. It's a story of a young boy, Tristan, who loves to explore the local dump and take things home to investigate and examine them- but his latest discovery is more than meets the eye. In Numeracy, we will be solidifying our knowledge of the foundations of maths, including place value and the four operations. For our Topic, we will be looking at our local area of Bluetown and the history of the dockyards and the hulks.


We hope we have an amazing first term to set us up for a successful and enjoyable year!


Mr. Jeffery and the Year 6 Team


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