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Year 3

Welcome to term 4!

This term will definitely be a firm favourite! Year 3 will be exploring the world, using maps and geographical skills to discover, where food comes from, why and where there are food shortages and how Fairtrade can help globally. Better than that we will be tasting foods from different cultures and making our own healthy pizza. Alongside this culinary adventure the children will be meeting Mr and Mrs Twit and the revolting tricks they play- luckily we wont be eating wormy spaghetti!

We are so impressed with children’s power projects and they always teach us something too- thank you.

As always we couldn’t do it without you so thank you for all your help and support.


It’s so exciting!

This term Year 3 will be joining Rose and Jack as they discover what is lurking in Anthony Browne’s ‘The Tunnel’ and beyond.

  Our Perfect Puffins and Brilliant Blackbirds will also have an opportunity to explore the features of mountains around the world and will experiment with magnets to learn which materials they ‘attract’ and which they ‘repel’.

We look forward to working together to continue to support your children to ‘be the best they can be’.

Remember: we can’t wait to marvel at, and display, all your children’s creative ‘POWer’ projects and we hope you keep practising those times tables!

Thank you for your continued support, Year 3 Team

Welcome to Year 3


Hello! We cant wait to meet you all!

We know that transition can be a difficult time and we are here to look after you and your children in their new learning journey. As they transition into our year group they will be encouraged to use all their Minster Muscles to help them become more independent. Feeling "empathy", showing great "teamwork" and having "resilience" are all attributes a visitor to year 3 will see from our fabulous children. During the year, children will find out what it was like to be an Ancient Egyptian, mummify an orange, travel the world with their taste buds and hunt for dangerous dragons!

It certainly won’t be boring!

Perfect puffins and Brilliant Blackbirds will certainly see the world this year!