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Sunny Bank Primary School

Minster in SheppeyPrimary School

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Home School Agreement


"When there is a positive relationship between parents and their child's school, the benefits are all-round."

Leading Parent Partnership Award.



Minster Primary Home/School Agreement Working in Partnership with Parents & Pupils

‘To be the best that we can be’



At Minster Primary School we will:


  • Offer a high standard of teaching across the curriculum
  • Teach an exciting & motivating curriculum
  • Provide a happy, safe & stimulating environment
  • Encourage all children to develop pride in their achievements & to strive for excellence
  • Encourage all children to take care of others and the environment
  • Regularly inform you about your child’s progress, the curriculum & wider school issues



As Parents/Carers we will:


  • Ensure our child attends regularly, on time & properly equipped & prepared for the school day, including wearing the correct uniform including PE kit
  • Notify the school if our child is unable to attend
  • Keep the school informed about anything that might affect our child’s work, behaviour or motivation
  • Support school policies & follow school procedures, always supporting the school and teachers in front of the child
  • Attend Parent Consultations and other meetings to discuss our child’s progress
  • Work in partnership with the school to help our child achieve their potential


As a pupil I will:


  • Attend school regularly, on time & properly equipped & prepared for the school day
  • Work & play safely & fairly
  • Respect other people, their right to learn and be happy, their property & the school building & grounds
  • Try hard & show pride in all tasks, including homework
  • Behave well and follow the school & class codes of conductTell an adult in school if anything is worrying me



Signed by Parent/Carer:                                                                          Pupil:




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