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Year 1

Term 6

Welcome to our new term together.


Our term begins with phonics and a perfect opportunity for you to shine. You have worked incredibly hard, and we are very proud.


In literacy we will look at different types of poetry, talk about what we like and dislike and create artwork related to the poems we like the most.


In P.E. we will preparing for Sports Day, an exciting celebration to look forward to for everyone.


A beach school trip will help us to consolidate our understanding of eco warriors and be lots of fun too.


Our maths learning this term will include a range of range of opportunities to explore practically. Initially, we will develop our understanding of time. We will then consolidate prior learning of place value and money, so that we are ready to wow our new grown-ups in Year Two.

Term 5


Wow, how can we already be in term 5?

Welcome back to school for our penultimate term.

As usual, this term promises to be a busy, and enjoyable one for all.  


This term our topic is Environmental Explorers.  We will be identifying different weather types associated with each season.  We will also compare extreme weathers around the world with our weather in the UK.  Finally, we will learn how a house can be built to withstand flooding and design a flood resistant house of our own.


In literacy, we will be reading and exploring the adventures of Winnie and Wilbur.  No doubt we will be amazed by some incredible acting skills, as we do seem to have a year group of budding actors! 


In maths, we will continue to develop our mathematical confidence, building on our previous skills but will also be learning to multiply and divide and understand fractions.  This is sure to challenge our brains and help them to grow even bigger and stronger!

End of Term 4


Such a successful Term 4, well done Year 1!


This term you have each used your Minster Muscles brilliantly, enabling you to become confident, independent learners.


We have enjoyed planting beans and watching some of them grow very tall! The tiles you created, inspired by the artist, Victoria Ellis were beautifully designed too. We have explored numbers to 50, which proved a little tricky! We have also compared and measured different lengths.


It was a pleasure meeting with your parents to discuss the incredible progress that you have each made, we are all so proud.


What a busy term it has been with World Book Day, where you dressed up in fabulous outfits! We are very proud of you for joining in with the Colour Run, whether that was by running and getting covered in paint, or cheering your peers on! We have finished the term oh a high, with our super trip to ‘The Gatehouse’, which perfectly concluded our learning on the Victorians.


Happy Easter to you and your families, have fun!

Term 4


Welcome to Term 4 everybody.  

We hope that you had lots of fun with your grown-ups in half term. 


This term our history focus will be the Victorian era. We will make comparisons between the past and the present and write facts about people from the past.  We will compare and understand the way in which rich and poor Victorian children lived and look at their experiences at school.


In literacy we will look at the traditional tale, Jack and the Beanstalk.  We will describe characters and settings and adapt the story to make it our own. We look forward to seeing how our Year 1 authors and illustrators adapt this well-loved traditional tale. 


Our maths learning will begin by exploring money. We will also develop our understanding of measurement, which will include, height, length, volume, and weight.




Congratulations Year 1, you have achieved so much this term, and we are incredibly proud of your achievements.


You have worked hard to improve your cursive handwriting and we have seen the impact of this in your literacy books. Your writing is beautiful and lots of you have achieved P*.  

You have enjoyed learning about Stick Man in literacy and have wowed us with your very first Big Write.

In maths, your confidence to add and subtract has hugely grown and you are able to confidently talk about your learning, which is a fabulous skill.  You have all been trying to form your numbers correctly, making sure that they are facing the right way each time too!  We have had lots of fun in maths, using a variety of different manipulatives, which has helped to deepen our mathematical understanding.

You have all thoroughly enjoyed learning about bridges and creating your own out of a range of different materials, in DT. 

In science your knowledge about the human body has grown dramatically and you have enjoyed using your senses to taste, smell and hear.

We wish you all a very happy half term holiday with your families. Take care, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.


Hello everybody, welcome back to school and to Term 3!


We hope that you have enjoyed a fun-filled Christmas break with your families, are feeling well-rested and ready to return to school.


This term, in Drawing Club, we will be reading Julia Donaldson's Stick Man.  We will be thinking carefully about the characters, settings, and key events, and will be retelling the story, both orally and in our writing.  We will be using exciting adjectives to describe the characters and settings and thinking of different ways to act out the story.  We will also be re-writing the story, before adapting it, to make it our own.  This will include creating new, imaginative characters and settings.


In maths, we will be developing and deepening our knowledge of addition and subtraction, exploring a variety of different methods to complete number sentences and word problems, within 20. We will be looking at place value of numbers to 50 and finding one more and one less than any given number to 50.  We will also be refreshing and expanding our understanding of measurement.


Our topic this term will be, Our World.  We will be investigating and identifying the different oceans and continents.


In DT, we will be looking at bridges, exploring how they are made and having a go at making our own.


We look forward to another exciting term of learning with you Year One.  We know that you will continue to wow us with your wonderful enthusiasm and continued progress.



End of Term 2

What an incredible term you have all had Year One, congratulations!  We are so impressed with you for using your Minster Muscles throughout the term, and for making such amazing progress in all areas.


Our Nativity was a huge success due to your enthusiasm and efforts, and it was the perfect way to start the Christmas celebrations.  We all felt so Christmassy after your performance!


You have particularly enjoyed making bread and our visit to the grotto this term, and we had fun celebrating Christmas Around the World with you too.


We wish you and your families a very happy Christmas, have lots of fun together!


Welcome back to school and to Term 2.

We hope that you were able to rest and enjoy precious time with your families. 

This term in Drawing Club, we will be sharing a variety of books, animations, and traditional tales enabling you to use your incredible imaginations to create characters and settings.

In maths, we will look at greater than and less than, number bonds to 10 and addition.  We will use a range of manipulatives to explore practically, helping us to develop our knowledge and understanding.

The Great Fire of London is our topic this term and together, we will discover lots of interesting facts. Your grown-ups will be so impressed when you go home and teach them what you have learnt!

As Christmas is fast approaching, we will also begin learning songs to sing to our grown-ups and we will begin rehearsing, ‘The Big Little Nativity’.

We look forward to an exciting term with you all Year One. 


End of Term One


How time has flown this term Year One! Can you believe that you have already completed six weeks in Year One? We have all been blown away with how well you have settled, your motivation to learn and your amazing independence – thank you so much for using your Minster Muscles and for making us proud!


This term you have achieved so much and we are incredibly proud of your efforts and enthusiasm. You all wowed us with your impeccable behaviour on our geography trip, your enthusiasm towards Drawing Club and your incredible maths skills!


Thank you to you, and your grown-ups for your positivity and ability to adapt to the big change in curriculum, you have all taken it in your stride so brilliantly!  Rest well during the holidays and enjoy precious time with your families.


The Year One Team

A very warm welcome to Year 1!


This year we will support your children as they develop new skills and independence.  Our experienced staff are fully committed to helping the children grow.


In Term 1 we start the transition from Foundation Stage learning to National Curriculum objectives. This is a sensitive time for our young learners, and they will experience much growth. We will be focusing on practicing core skills particularly handwriting, phonics and reading development which is a strong focus in Year 1.


To aid them with this transition we especially focus on our children's wellbeing and emphasise the importance of staying safe and being responsible for our own actions. The focus is very positive, aiming to praise growth mindset at every opportunity.  We also ensure we celebrate every new success with our staff and peers.


We are very much looking forward to working with our parents and children in Year 1 and would like to thank you in advance for your support. Please share any successes, or concerns with your class grown-ups, we would love to celebrate and are here to support.



Mrs Pleace and Miss O’Connell, Nightingale Class

Miss Pleace, Mrs Long, Miss Crockford and Mrs Deacon, Dove Class

Mrs Pearn, Mrs Holloway and Mrs Walder, Goldfinch Class





Our Term 1 Learning


This term in Year 1, the geography focus will be ‘Our Island’.  We will learn to draw and read maps and understand what physical and human features are.  We will use our Minster Muscles to develop our observational drawing skills.


In literacy, we will explore a new and exciting concept, called Drawing Club.  We will develop our handwriting and phonics skills when writing sentences, remembering to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. We will be thinking about adjectives and using them to describe the characters and the setting. 


In maths, we will be looking at place value and reading and writing numerals to 10. We will explore using manipulatives and number lines to find one more or one less than numbers to 10.  We will be sorting and comparing groups of objects and numbers using symbols < > + to show greater than, less than or equal to. We will be learning to use the part-whole model when adding and subtracting.


It is sure to be a fun term of learning

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