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Year 1

Welcome Back!


Congratulations on a successful return to school Year 1.  We are incredibly proud of the way in which you have settled back into school life, well done. We hope that you have enjoyed it as much as us! It certainly has been fabulous to be back together!



The first week has whizzed by and we hope that you have enjoyed it as much as us!  It was great fun painting our pots and planting our cool carrot seeds, a lovely way to represent a new beginning together smiley.   Science week has given us the opportunity to explore various experiments and you have wowed us with your excellent predictions and team spirit, super effort everyone! 


Keep using your Minster Muscles! 



Term 4


Welcome to Term 4! smiley 


Hello Year 1s, we hope that you had a fun-filled half term break with your families, as well as a big rest!  


Are you ready to stretch your learning muscles? Our daily welcome and videos will continue, as before, whilst we are still home learning.  Please challenge yourself by doing as many activities as possible and continue to complete the Mathletics tasks set, as well as your daily reading and quizzing. 


We look forward to seeing your smiley faces on zoom at 2pm! Remember to send us your amazing work, so that we can add it to our 'Celebration' splat for each week.





Term 3 Thank You



Enormous thanks to our incredible Year 1s and their families for your efforts during Term 3.  It certainly wasn't the term we'd expected it to be but you all rose to the new home learning challenge and achieved fantastic results!  


Enjoy a well-earned rest this half term and we'll look forward to seeing you all on zoom on Monday 22nd at 2pm!


Term 3

Welcome to Term 3 Year 1 smiley


Happy New Year to you and your grown ups.  We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas together and are all well.


As we are unable to be in school at present, you will find challenges each day to extend your learning. We are excited to see what you achieve at home with your grown ups! Please send us your amazing efforts, so that we can add your work to our home learning page. 


We look forward to seeing your smiley faces smiley on zoom each day at 2pm.


Mrs Ryder, Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Pleace

Thank you


We would like to say a huge great big thank you to all of our wonderful Year 1 children and grown ups!  You have worked so hard and we appreciate everything that you have done.  Our home learning page is full of fabulous work which we could not have achieved without your support. 


We are now all looking forward to seeing you back at school on Monday.

Mrs Pleace, Mrs Ryder and Mrs Griffiths



Home Learning Week Commencing 16.11.20


Hello Superstars!  


Thank you for engaging so brilliantly with the challenges that we have been setting you daily!  


Everyday you wow us with your home learning when we see each other on zoom.  Your Everywhere Bear Adventures are now being added to Our Gallery - take a look! smiley 


Dress Up Day


What a great day we all had today Year 1, it was so much fun!  You looked wonderful in your outfits - why not have a look at the photos on the Gallery of Learning...



Term 2


Welcome back to school Year 1!  Yet again you came back in after the holiday and settled brilliantly, well done! 


This term, in literacy, we will be learning all about the Gruffalo.  We will begin our term by describing the settings and then move on to describing the characters.  The beautiful descriptive writing that we have seen this week has already put a huge smile on all of our faces!  Thank you for always trying ‘to be the best you can be’!


In maths, we will focus on learning the correct symbols to represent more than, less than and equal to – this week you have already wowed us with your new-found knowledge, well done Superstars!  Keep up the amazing work.


Our art this term will be based around Vincent Van Gogh.  We will learn the skills needed to draw a pencil portrait.  We will then learn techniques needed in order to create our own Starry Night masterpieces!


Evidence of your efforts will be in the Gallery of Learning, so don’t forget to keep checking to see if your wonderful work is there!

Halloween Maths Challenge


What a fabulous response we had to our Halloween Witches/Wizards Brew Poems - congratulations to everyone who took part, well done!


You clearly enjoyed challenging yourselves to be the best you can be, can you do it again do you think? 


Why not take a peek at our Home Learning page, we have set a Halloween Maths Challenge for you to attempt...


We look forward to sharing your findings when we are all back in school next week.


Have fun, enjoy! laugh

End of Term 1


Huge congratulations to all of our fabulous Year 1 Superstars!  You have worked so hard this term and made an enormous amount of progress.  Each one of you should be extremely proud of your achievements!


We are sad that we were not able to enjoy the last three days of term with you, but we will make up for it when you all come back to school after the holidays! 


As we were unable to have our Spooky Halloween day together today, we have set you a challenge!  Why not have a look at our home learning page and give it a go!  We will be adding all of your creations to our home learning page, as we receive them.


Have a fun-packed half term break and remember that if you want to share anything with us, you can send us an email!


Mrs Pleace, Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Ryder


Term 1 Week 4


Wow, what a great start to the term we have all had, well done Year 1!  You have really been using your Minster Muscles to help you to learn and we can see that each one of you has been trying to ‘be the best you can be’.


We have all enjoyed learning about Tiddler in literacy together and we are ever so proud of the achievements that you have made.  You have been looking at different scenes in the book and describing them beautifully.  The adjectives that you are using are fabulous, so when you write your sentences, they are truly amazing! 


We have also LOVED creating freeze frames of Tiddler’s adventures!  Your acting skills were incredible, and we all had so much fun!  You were able to think carefully about how the characters were feeling in the book and show us on your faces.  This has helped us to gain a good understanding of the story.


In maths, you have been using various manipulatives to make a number, in a different way each time.  We have successfully used the part-part whole model to show our understanding and been able to create number sentences, from these.  You have each challenged yourselves to find all of the ways possible to make a number, using two numbers and then, gone on to finding ways, using three and four numbers!


In Topic, we have been looking at our local geography, beginning with our classrooms and school site. You have created some wonderful maps of your learning environments and are able to talk about what geography is.


Our science has been based around the seasons and you are all able to talk about how they each differ. We have also created some wonderful Autumn artwork, using the relevant colours.


We have been so busy learning and our brains are growing bigger and stronger, every day.  Keep up the positive attitude to learning and having fun! 

Term 1 update


Hello Year 1's.  We are ever so proud of how you have settled back at school.  It is wonderful to see your happy faces and your positive attitudes to learning.


In Literacy we have enjoyed learning about the Smeds and the Smoos with you.  We are really impressed with the way you have described the pictures of the characters and settings.  The sentences you have written have already wowed us!  Also, well done if you have been trying to read at home every night. This will really help you with your writing.  Remember your class bird moves up a branch on our tree every time you read at home!


In Numeracy last week you were busy sorting objects into different categories.  This week we have been using counting sticks and we have created our own number lines.  You were able to talk to us about more and less than a number.  If you have had a go at Mathletics already we hope you have enjoyed this.  It is lots of fun!  We will be celebrating the points you collect for Mathletics. Who will jump over all the hurdles to reach the finish line first?


We are so looking forward to learning lots of new things with you this term.  Your brains will become big and strong and you will be able to go home and teach your grown-ups what you have been learning about.


Grown-ups if you need to contact us about anything, please use the e-mail addresses on the website.


Thank you, 

The Year One Team

 Mrs Pleace and Miss O'Connell; Mrs Ryder, Mrs Durnford and Mrs Kistruik, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Tollett and Mrs Deacon

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