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Sensory Circuits

Sensory Circuits


What are Sensory Circuits?

Sensory Circuits are daily, short, fun, physical activities based on sensory integration aiming to prepare children to transition into school and settle in class to engage effectively with the day of learning ahead of them.


Who will a Sensory Circuit help?

Sensory Circuits can help anyone who presents with any of these behaviours or difficulties:-

  • Fidgeting, unable to remain seated and changing position a lot
  • Slow to start work and missing verbal cues (needs alerting)
  • Difficulty with self-organisation
  • Lethargic (needs alerting)
  • Poor co-ordination and balance
  • Known sensory processing difficulties (requires help regulating these)
  • Rocking
  • Poor attention and concentration


What does a Sensory Circuit involve?

There are 3 activity sections to a Sensory Circuit:-

  • Alerting – provides vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation which arouses the brain for learning.

Vestibular - star jumps; space hopper; climbing; shuttle runs etc

Proprioceptive (awareness of body position) – step ups; heavy ball bouncing/skittles

  • Organising – provides challenges involving motor sensory processing

Balance obstacle course; wobble board; Simon Says; ball rolling

  • Calming – provide input to ensure the child finishes the session calm and centred ready to return to class to learn

Press-ups; push-pulls; plank; fidget toys exploring different textures


Sensory Circuits

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