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Sunny Bank Primary School

Minster in SheppeyPrimary School

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Minster Primary has an atmosphere of care, warmth and nurture. Children and staff enthusiastically share the joy of learning. We celebrate individual and corporate successes: academic, artistic, sporting, indeed achievement in the widest sense.

We are a very busy, happy school with;


  • Children who are well behaved, highly motivated and fully involved in the life of the school.
  • Teachers and support staff who are highly skilled, caring and passionate about teaching and learning and developing young people. 
  • A broad, engaging and creative curriculum.
  • A vibrant and rich learning environment.
  • A real commitment to working in real partnership with our parents in order to achieve a school where children are proud of their thoughts, actions, learning and environment.


Every decision taken in Minster is made by firstly considering what is in the best interests of our children. In this way, the children, their learning and development is at the heart of all we do. We aim to ensure our children stay healthy, feel safe and nurture and gain delight in their individual talents and abilities.

We are a community that reaches out into the wider world, caring for and respecting the needs, beliefs and culture of others. Our children blossom into responsible, caring global citizens. Children, staff, governors and parents are rightly very proud of our school and it’s ethos, we hope that this is reflected in all of our work and communications.

Lynne Lewis and Michelle Jeffery


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