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Year 2

Welcome to Term 6! 

We have so much to look forward to this term including; sports week, our school trip to Kent life and arts week. 

In Literacy we will be studying the story of Pirate Pete and following his disastrous adventures to different islands. 

In maths we will be extending our understanding of addition and subtraction before moving on to statistics. 

In Topic we will be exploring tourism and developing an understanding of the pros and cons of tourism. 

As the term draws to an end we will complete transition activities so that you feel confident, excited and ready to meet your new Year 3 teachers. 



End of Term 5!

What a term we've had! 

We are so proud of our amazing Woodpeckers, Doves and Flamingos who all tried their very best while completing their KS1 SATs. You all flexed your Minster Muscles to be the best that you can be. Well done! 

In Literacy we researched, planned and wrote non-chronological reports about nocturnal animals. Who know these animals were so interesting? 

In maths we learnt about position and direction. We then challenged ourselves to complete 2-step problems.

In Topic we have studied hot and cold deserts around the world learning about their climates, features and how animals adapt to be able to live there. 

We hope you all enjoy a well deserved break and look forward to welcoming you back to our final term of Year 2! 

Welcome to Term 5! 

This term we will be completing the Key Stage One Assessments so please make sure you are in school every day! 


We will be reading and writing non-chronological reports all about nocturnal animals. 

In Maths, we will be learning about position and direction as well as measuring mass, capacity and temperature. 

Our topic is deserts. Do you know where deserts are located? How are they similar or different? 

We look forward to another productive term and can't wait to see how much the children continue to thrive and progress. 






As Term 4 comes to an end we would like to congratulate all the pupils on the hard work and motivation to learn we have seen. 

Well done to all the children who have continued their learning at home and made good progress in reading and Times Tables. Thank you to all the families who have completed projects about WW2 or their hobbies. 

We would like to wish you all a restful, fun and happy Easter Holidays with your families. 

Welcome to Term 4!

This term we will be studying The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark. For the first time we will be learning to create dialogue as part of our narrative writing. 

In maths, we will be learning to identify, find and compare fractions. Later in the term we will learn about statistics by collecting and analysing data. 

Our Topic this term is based around World War 2. We already have some knowledge of this from last term's literacy text so we will be able to explore themes such as evacuation, rationing and the home front in more detail. 

We would love you to continue this learning at home. Maybe you could visit a war museum or find out if any of your relatives were alive during the war? 


Some of you have really developed your reading stamina and enjoying longer texts such as the tree house series and chapter books. Keep going as some of you are nearing your end of year reading points target. 




As Term 3 comes to an end we would like to congratulate our wonderful pupils for their continued hard work and particularly those who have used their 'Never Give Up' Minster Muscle. 

We have enjoyed learning about Lenny Levi and his evacuation in Literacy. The children have written some incredible pieces of work including; diaries, letters and narratives. 

In Maths, we have consolidated our understanding of multiplication and division. We have learnt about money and practised counting coins and making different money totals.

In Topic, we learnt about coast and cities within the UK. We identified human and physical featured and used them to make comparisons.

We hope you have a lovely half term. 





Happy New Year and welcome back to Term 3!

This term we will be travelling back in time to learn about the evacuation of Lenny Levi during WW2. We will use the story of The Lion and the Unicorn to help us write narratives such as; poems, lists, descriptions, diaries, letters and stories. 


In Maths, we will continue and consolidate our learning of multiplication and division before moving on to money. If you have any coins at home now would be a great time to explore what they look like, their value and how to make amounts in different ways. Due to debit cards and cashless systems children have often have very little experience of handling money. 


In Science, we will be heading outside to identify micro habitats within our school, investigating living and non-living objects as well as learning about what plants and animals need to survive. 


In Topic we will be researching, designing and making homes for the future. 


Thank you to all the children and their families who have already brought in a 'Passport to learning' project. We can't wait to see what you discover outside of school this term! 


As always, we look forward to seeing how the children progress and develop this term! 


The Year Two Team! 


WOW! What a busy term that was! 

We packed so much in that it is hard to remember all that we have covered. We started the term remembering the fallen soldiers and showed our respects during a Remembrance service. In Literacy, we continued to learn about the war when we studied War Game- following the journey of four brave lads who signed up for WW1. As Christmas approached we moved onto the Grinch and thought about the true meaning of Christmas! 

Throughout the term we have been so impressed by the children's motivation and determination to produce such high quality writing whether it be; letters, diaries, narrative or recounts. 

In Maths we studied shapes and their properties before moving on to multiplication. 

In Topic we learnt about the life of Mary Seacole and compared her work to that of Florence Nightingale. We discussed how the two women were treated and remembered. 

In Science, we explored materials and carried out investigations to test their properties.

We hope you all enjoy a well deserved break and would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas! 


Welcome back to Term 2... and what an exciting term we have in store! 


We will be learning about two significant historical events at the beginning of the term- The Gunpowder Plot and Remembrance Day. 

In Literacy we will follow the lives of four young lads who bravely sign up to fight for their country in World War 1. 

In Maths we have a range of topics to cover including subtraction and shape. 

In Topic we will explore the life of Mary Seacole and discover how she helped others despite not always being treated fairly herself. 

As the term draws to an end the excitement will build further as we read The Grinch and prepare for our end of term carol concert. 

As always we look forward to seeing the amazing effort and motivation that you always show towards your learning! 




Well done for reaching the end of Term 1! 


We have been impressed by how well you have adapted to the new routines and expectations of Year 2. 

You have enjoyed moving your pegs up for flexing your Minster Muscles and we are particularly proud of the way you have embraced TTRS and Accelerated Reader. 


We would like to wish you all a fun packed half term with your friends and families and look forward to seeing you all back and fully recharged ready for Term 2. 




Welcome to Year 2! 


We hope you have had a wonderful summer enjoying time with your family and making precious memories. 

We are looking forward to getting to know you and finding out what you enjoy, your hobbies and how you learn best! 

We will be studying the story of Hansel and Gretel in Literacy, the number system in Maths and why Eastchurch is such an important part of the history of flight in our country. 

We will be building on the phonics knowledge you have already developed using the Monster Phonics scheme which you will also be able to access at home. 

Each week you will be asked to learn your times tables ready for a multiplication test every Wednesday. Times Tables Rockstars is a fantastic way to practise! In Year 2, it is really important that you read at home 5 times each week. Most of you are now on AR so this will allow you to quiz at least 3 times a week. 


Look out for the the welcome letter that will be coming home in Week 1 which will explain the Year 2 expectations in more detail. 


We all look forward to a wonderful year! 


Miss Phillips, Miss Pleace, Miss Hawkins

and the rest of the Year 2 team 


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