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Sunny Bank Primary School

Minster in SheppeyPrimary School

Change Language


Term One

During Term 1 we linked our Geography lessons with our exploration of our school and forest site.

We introduced the children to the language of natural and man-made and challenged them to find objects around our school site that matched each word. The children quickly understood that natural objects occur naturally, they can grow like a flower or a tree and that man-made objects have been created by someone, like a building or a car. 

The children spotted all manner of different objects and later in our sessions were able to sort these into the two categories.

Well done Foundation!


Our pictures of Man-made and Natural objects

Introduction to Forest School

We also began to learn about our forest school sessions, focusing on the rules that keep us safe during these times. We talked about hazards and the children moved around the forest placing hazard signs near objects or areas. The children were really sensible and took on board the conversations we had been having. They identified that tree stumps could be a trip hazard and mushrooms or berries could be dangerous and cause a stomach ache if eaten!

Forest School Rules

Term 2

Our forest has started to change this term. We have been exploring the new season of Autumn, exploring the site looking for signs. The children found fallen leaves in a variety of colours, they noticed that the weather has started to change and that some trees still have their leaves which are green. To celebrate Autumn we made the most wonderful leaf decorations and Autumn hats with all the colourful leaves we found in the forest.

Our Autumn Creations

Term 3

Winter is in full swing and we have again be exploring the changes that happen to the world around us during this time. We are becoming very confident at talking about the differences between the seasons. We were hoping to see some substantial snowfall but as we didn't we created our own snowmen from natural items from the forest floor, flour and of course a carrot! Wonderful work Foundation!

Our snowmen

Term 4 

Spring is trying very hard to arrive and the latter part of the term allowed us to investigate where around our grounds spring was springing! We saw lovely bright flowers and blossom as well as buds on the trees and saplings pushing through the forest floor.

Term 5


This term is all about the creatures that surround us. We had great fun looking carefully around our forest area to see what we could find. We had great discoveries under logs, enormous slugs and plenty of woodlice and we found lots of spiders and their webs on tree trunks and bushes.

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