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Sunny Bank Primary School

Minster in SheppeyPrimary School

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Andys Wild Workouts

CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | African Savannah

Andy heads to Africa and meets some incredible creatures along the way. He pronks with springbok, prowls with lions and swings his trunk with a herd of eleph...

CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | Undergrowth

Andy visits the undergrowth to meet the tiny creatures we may often overlook. He moves like a monkey beetle, lifts like a leaf cutter and does martial arts w...

CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | Night-time

Andy is off on an incredible adventure in the middle of the night! Andy begins his adventure with a wild warm up before heading off around the world to meet ...

CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | Under the Sea!

Andy goes on an adventure to find the biggest fish in the ocean. Join him as he meets an octopus, white tipped shark and a huge whale shark and learns how to...

CBeebies | Andy's Wild Workouts | Arctic

Andy travels to the freezing Arctic to see what he can find. He leaps with an Arctic fox, swims with eider ducks before meeting a huge, hungry polar bear.For...

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