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Breakfast Club

We are very proud to be able to offer a breakfast club in order to support working families and those with other commitments - we believe that it is an important part of supporting our Minster families.

Please see our question and answer section for details.



Questions and answers...


What time does breakfast club start?

Breakfast Club starts at 8am and when finished the younger pupils will be walked internally to their classroom and the older pupils will make their own way through the school for registration.


How much does it cost?

Breakfast Club is charged at £2 per day. Preferred method of payment is Parent Pay, alternatively cash can be paid on entry (


Can my child just show up on the day or do I need to book?

Places at Breakfast Club must be prebooked - this ensures that we can plan for the correct amount of staff and resources. From the start of Term 1 we have been incramentally increasing numbers to ensure that we can operate in a CV19 sensitive manor - bubbles have indeed gone but we are aware of the risks that remain.


Are numbers limited?

Yes, for the reasons outlined above, places in breakfast club are limited. We are currently operating a short waiting list.


What do the children get up to?

After eating a selection of games, drawing activities, social areas are available as well as music or sometimes some cartoons!


What breakfast is on offer? Do children have to eat?

A variety of cereals are on offer as well as toast and spreads. The fruit selection is often a popular choice as well as fruit juices. Children don't have to eat but it is helpful to have this conversation with staff on the day so that they don't worry.

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