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Gallery of learning

In RE we have joined the rest of the school in learning about Christmas Around the World.

Once again Year 2 have displayed their Minster Muscles- motivation, independence and team work! Well done to all of you who have continued your learning at home.

It's great to see that some of you are getting into a routine with your home learning. We hope you are enjoying the activities. Thank you to all the grown ups who are supporting at home- you are all fabulous!

We've had a steady stream of home learning activities being emailed to us. We love receiving these to see what you have been doing a home. It's also lovely to see the AR word count going up each day and watching the friendly competitions on Mathletics as the children strive to be at the top of the leader board. Here's a sample of some of the things Year 2 have being doing.

Today we were allowed out of isolation and enjoyed sharing stories of our adventures on Zoom. At home we practised some reading comprehension and listened to a story about our feelings.

Today Year 2 continued their home learning with a phonics task and some reading comprehension. Well done to all of you who took part and also those who continue to quiz, earn Mathletics points and practise you times tables and spellings. We are so impressed by your motivation.

Today Year 2 went on a hunt around their houses in search of the ‘ea’ sound. They found all sorts of ‘ea’ objects including; beans, tea, cream, speakers and peas. We enjoyed a story of Winnie in Winter and continued earning our Mathletics points. Well done to everyone who has taken part in our home learning challenges today!

Today Year Two have enjoyed adding money totals and learning poems. Well done Year Two another day of fabulous home learning.

To finish our first week of home learning we practised some handwriting and spelling bee words. We listened to a story called Spinderella and linked this to our learning of number bonds to 10 and 20. Well done everyone who has taken part in these learning challenges.

This morning Mrs Underdown set Year Two a phonics challenge which we shared with our friends on Zoom. Mrs Blackwell read everyone a Winnie the Witch story and some of the children drew pictures of what they have been doing at home. Thank you for all the wonderful support our families are providing while the children are learning at home.

Wow! Another day of home learning and another day that we have been really impressed with the learning you have sent us. Here’s a few examples of what some of you have been doing at home today.

The year 2 staff have been so impressed by the level of engagement in our daily learning challenges. Here are a few examples from Ethan, Charlie, Bella and Evie. Well done everyone. You are displaying your ‘Motivated to learn’ Minster Learning Muscle.

Wow Harley! You found a lot of objects with the ‘aw’ digraph. Well done!

I hope you enjoyed hunting for ‘aw’ objects around your house Noah. Excellent recording of what you found!

Albie- thank you for sharing your maths challenges with us all!

Well done Stan for researching the life of Mary Seacole.

What a busy boy you’ve been today Cooper!

Well done to Phoebe for completing Mrs Underdown’s phonics challenge.

Well done Summer! You have been busy practising your handwriting and times tables!

Well done to everyone who took part in today’s maths challenge. Here’s Jensen working hard counting his coins. If you take part in our daily challenges remember to send photos to your teacher and we will share as many as we can here.

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