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Year 4

Term 4

Who can believe we are already halfway through Year Four?

The first half of the year really has flown by and we’re sure these next few months will as well.

We welcome Miss Pattison to our team as Macaw class teacher, but still have Mrs Payne as our Year lead so expectations, work ethic and routines do not change.

Our Topic for this term is ‘Climate Commotion’ in which we will look at the environment and the impact we are having.  A highlight for this term, for both the staff and children, will be World Book Day, where the children will take part in a number of fun activities across two days, and also have the opportunity to dress up – we look forward to seeing all their costumes. As part of our RE topic we will be looking at the meaning behind Hot Cross Buns and making them.

This term we will be having a Mother’s Day Celebration in which  we will celebrate by having an afternoon tea, as well as the opportunity to celebrate this year’s successes so far.

Term Four is definitely going to be another busy and exciting term for all of us!


Mrs Payne, Miss Bullworthy, Miss Pattison,

Mrs Pratt and Mrs Johnson

Term 3

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020!

The Year Four team would like to thank everyone for their support with our Christmas production ‘Straw and Order’ - the children loved being part of it and we hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we did.

This term in Topic the children will be learning about ‘Polar Regions’ and will be making their own torches suitable for an explorer. The children will also be starting their swimming lessons this term, which will continue into Term Four, which for all the children who take part is something they look forward to.

Term 2

The team would like to thank you for your wonderful support of our afternoon tea and celebration of Term One – we hope you enjoyed it as much as the children, who glowed with pride showing off their work.

How time flies when you are having fun! We are already in Term 2 and what an eventful term we have in store. Our Topic this term is ‘Black History – Martin Luther King’ and we will really enjoy discovering what your dreams and aspirations are for your child. As part of RE we will be celebrating Christmas from around the World, and once again, we will invite you to celebrate the term’s achievements with your child. Also, new for this year, the pupils will all be taking part in a Christmas production, ‘Straw and Order’ at the end of the term and we look forward to sharing our performance with you.

Term Two is always a busy and exciting term for everyone but is certainly a favourite of staff and children!

Mrs Payne, Miss Bullworthy,

Mrs Pratt and Mrs Johnson.

Term 1

Welcome to Year Four!

The Year Four team are very eager to start our learning journey with you all.  This term we will focus on adapting to the needs and interest of all pupils, consequently creating a safe, nurturing environment where all pupils flourish, both academically and emotionally. Pupils will be supported to challenge themselves in all areas of the curriculum through a varied and exciting program of study. Year Four promotes the MINSTER Muscles - Motivation, Independence, Never give up, Self-reflection/evaluation, Teamwork, Empathy, Risk taking - which we will embrace when meeting new concepts and challenges.

At the end of each term, we award a child in each class for their hard work in Accelerated Reader, Mathletics, Spellings, and the Child of the Term.  Also, at the end of each term, we will be inviting grown-ups in to celebrate our achievements. We look forward to meeting you.

Mrs Payne, Miss Bullworthy,

Mrs Pratt and Mrs Johnson.

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