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Wellbeing Wednesday

Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday!


We have compiled some fantastic wellbeing activities around our ‘Wheel of wellbeing’. Please watch the video below and decide for yourself what parts you would like to get involved with! Above all, please take some time to look after yourselves.


Over this lockdown, our Facebook page has become a real celebration of our community: if you are happy to, please drop us a post to say how you have used your wellbeing Wednesday!


Please note, to use the links please open the PDF below the video.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Mrs G welcomes your wellbeing day!


A beginner's book of mindfulness "Happy" By Nicola Edwards and Katie Hickey. Instead of a craft for this week. We are including this link

Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday

Happy Wellbeing Day from Mrs Pleace

Would you like to make a worry stone to keep near you and squeeze tight?

Mrs G tells you all about 5 Mindful Breaths!

This is definitely one of our favourites!

Happy Wellbeing Day from Mrs Ryder

Can you send a little message to someone to say thank you for all they do?

Piper Disney Pixar Oscar winning Short Movie

Watch this little video about learning from and helping others. It will make you smile today!

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