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Wednesday 18.11.20

Daily Activities

As well as completing the tasks we have put on the website, please ensure you are still doing the following:

  • Getting your 3 Gold Bars on Mathletics for the week if you haven't already..
  • Reading for at least 30 minutes a day and quizzing when you can, using the URL: https://ukhosted11.renlearn.co.uk/2240860/
  • Try Nicole and Josh's PE daily challenge or at least get some fresh air and movement.

18/11/20 - Literacy: Wanted Poster

I'm being told by some people that when they click on the video it says 'Video Unavailable'. Mrs. Payne and I thought we'd be clever and watch a Youtube video alongside you within this video and clearly, it's not playing ball. Apparently, when the 'Video Unavailable' message comes up, if you click on the link 'Watch this video on Youtube', it will take you to the video which should work fine. If you have any issues with it at all, please email Mr. Jeffery.

18/11/20- Maths: Arithmetic 15a

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Falcon- 2pm


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Meeting ID: 781 2502 9535

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Kookaburra- 2:30pm


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Meeting ID: 732 4159 7446

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