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Tuesday 24.11.20

Daily Activities

As well as completing the tasks we have put on the website, please ensure you are still doing the following:

  • Getting your 3 Gold Bars on Mathletics for the week if you haven't already..
  • Reading for at least 30 minutes a day and quizzing when you can, using the URL: https://ukhosted11.renlearn.co.uk/2240860/
  • Try Nicole and Josh's PE daily challenge or at least get some fresh air and movement.


As requested, our email addresses are l.payne@minster-sheppey.kent.sch.uk and  o.jeffery@minster-sheppey.kent.sch.uk


Please do send us any completed work or contact us if you need anything at all- we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

24/11/20- Maths: Adding Mixed Numbers

At the end of the video we take you to, it says to have a go at the worksheet: that is attached as a PDF below this video along with answers as well.

24/11/20- Reading: Home Sweet Home

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Falcon- 2pm


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Meeting ID: 781 2502 9535

Passcode: Falcon123



Kookaburra- 2:30pm


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Meeting ID: 732 4159 7446

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