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Remote learning – supporting pupils with SEND


As a school we know that relationships lie at the heart of all successful teaching. Our Minster Magic Staff know the needs of the pupils in their care and are able to develop, tailor and adapt teaching to the needs’ of their pupils. Our teachers take a child-centred approach and if any pupil is finding remote learning difficult, we would encourage parents in the first instance to share concerns, questions or worries with the staff, who know their child best.


In many cases small tweaks to the curriculum, environment, resources or approach recommended by these staff will support inclusion for all pupils. We know that some children will benefit from learning being broken into smaller chunks with regular breaks whilst others may respond to repeated practise of key skills to aid recall and retention.


In some cases class teachers may suggest pupil’s learning focuses on activities from a different year group or will signpost parents to different curriculum resources.


Resources such as: Mathletics, Times Table Rockstars are also personalised to meet pupil’s individual needs and many prepared curriculum resources provide pupils with the choice of mild, spicy or hot challenges. Other resources are designed to be universally accessible to all pupil. These choices empower pupils to take greater ownership of their own learning and develop their resilience and independence.


Although remote learning does not allow us to fully replicate our school appraoch, we recognise the importance of specific interventions for some pupils and the benefits of working with known staff members.


Therefore we have created some pre-recorded interventions and banks of resources such as: Sensory Circuits or Fine Motor Skills which pupils with specific needs can access therefore allowing a bespoke curriculum offer to be created. Some year groups will respond to emerging pupil needs and offer: Reactive Intervention Zoom sessions enabling pupils to revisit and review set learning whilst others will plan Zoom interventions for invited pupils.

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