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After the year we’ve had I never expected either of my children to settle back into school as well as they did in September. The Minster team have gone above and beyond, as always, to ensure not only that the children feel safe and happy, but that their learning has been largely unaffected. Although things are different at school in terms of classroom layouts, daily routines and procedures you wouldn’t know it!


Both my children go into school ready to embrace their learning and come home extremely happy every day. 

Sophie Regan



My daughter is currently in year 1. I am sure that like all other parents her return to school in September made me a little anxious. I couldn’t be happier with how she has settled into school life again. Her teacher and TA have been amazing and have given the children the enjoyment of being back in the classroom again. My daughter often tells me learning is fun, and as a parent I love to watch my child grow with confidence as she learns new skills. Having a happy child makes for a happy parent. ​


Abbie Cooper



My children attend Minster Primary School and I am more than happy with the education they have received thus far. Both my boys enjoy attending school, learning with their friends and having fun. We have enjoyed watching the farm animals grow and develop - such an added bonus to their learning! 


Academically my eldest has been supported through intervention groups which have enabled his confidence to grow in the areas of the curriculum he has found tricky. The school and teachers are approachable and have always answered any queries promptly. I am really happy that our children attend Minster Primary School.


Christina Nurden



“During lockdown Max received brilliant support from his Teacher Mrs Blackwell and Mrs Russon. He could email his teacher at any point if he didn’t understand part of a task and he was also encouraged to share successes he had during the lockdown period. This kept him in contact with his teacher and also keen to carry on learning at home.


Max has always been well praised with any achievements and always enjoys going to school not just to see his friends but also see the teachers and staff who seem to have a genuine interest in Max and our family. I’m so glad we picked Minster for Max and cannot wait for our daughter to join him”


Stacey Gough



I am parent of three children, all of which have different academic abilities. But my youngest child has struggled academically since an early age, he is now in year two and as a parent I was very concerned. But my son has had outstanding support since he started.


For the last two years he has had amazing support from his current teacher (Mrs Blackwell). She is always there to encourage him and helps him reach his goals by giving him small manageable targets which are achievable for him.


Obviously, this year lockdown has not helped, and coming back to school and a new school year was a little stressful for him and me but again with the fantastic support given to him by Kate Forster and Mrs Dunn, he is now settled and additional support has been put into place to help his emotional and academic needs and he is doing amazing.


And this Mummy cannot thank you enough.


Sarah Heather



Henry has settled into year 1 brilliantly. This is due to the environment his teacher, Mrs Pleace provides. Mrs Pleace, Miss O’Connell and the TAs ensure the wellbeing of their pupils and families are not just met, but are exceeded. My son loves going to school to see his teachers and friends, where he can learn and play in a safe environment.


Thank you for making his return to school easy and thank you for all your hard work!


Amy Harris



We are so pleased with how well our son has settled straight back into school after such a long break and in such strange times. He’s more eager to learn than ever and is loving being back at school. We feel reassured by the measures that have been put in place to make his time at school safe but not noticeably different. He’s so happy to be back with his friends and teachers having fun in year one.


Hannah and Jordan King ​



I always wanted my daughter to attend Minster for many reasons and was so happy when, at 3 years old, (after looking around) she wanted the same.


The school is wonderful: exactly what a primary school should be. Some people from other schools have said in the past they saw the school as pushy I can honestly say in our short time there I have not witnessed this. What I have witnessed is encouragement and getting our children to achieve the best they can at the level that is right for them. Never once has Piper come home and given me the impression too much is being asked of her. The teachers all celebrate the individual, as well as the team, and are always on hand to help with any concerns. They listen to us parents and take on board our suggestions.


We still have many years ahead of us with this school and I am looking forward to each one.


Donna Ruffell