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Term 6 - Our Final Term 


Here we are just about to begin our final term as Wagtails! How did that happen?


We are so proud of how you have all grown up since starting school in September and of all the things you can now do that you couldn't do when you joined us.  Just take a moment to think about all the amazing things you have learnt... 


We have enjoyed every moment of our Wagtail adventure so far but there is plenty more to come!  So here we go Wagtails, lets show everyone just how fabulous you all are! 

We enjoyed our rock dress up day! Look at us Wagtails!

Welcome to Term 5! 


We hope you had a wonderful Easter break and are super excited for our new term. 


This term we will be looking at numbers 11 to 20. Learning to identify them as a numeral and practising our careful counting. We will be developing our understanding of numbers including finding the number that is one more or one less than any given number to 20. 


We will continue to practise applying our phonetic knowledge to read and write words and simple sentences. We will spend time developing our fine motor control including pencil grip, and look at how to form cursive letter shapes when writing.


We will continue to learn through play extending our knowledge both inside and outside the classroom and most importantly, we will continue to have fun!


We are super excited about our new term and we hope you are too :-)


See you soon,

Miss Foord, Mrs Woodford,

Mrs Hoddinott and Mrs Long

Back together at last! Let's see what we've been up to...

We've enjoyed learning about how spiders make their webs. We then had a go at creating our own spider webs.

Welcome to Term 4


Hello again Wagtails! We hope you all had a lovely half term break and are ready for Term 4. We have everything crossed that we will be seeing you all again soon but for now we need to stay safe and continue our learning at home. 


Just as before, all our home learning is on the Foundation Stage page under the daily splats. We hope you have lots of fun completing your activities and look forward to hearing about all the fun you are having. Just as before, feel free to email any questions or queries to our class email address, and of course all you exciting home learning activities too. We can't wait to see and hear what you are all up to :-) 


Have a fabulous term and remember... for every day spent at home, we are one day closer to being back together again, and we cannot wait! 


Take care, stay safe, keep smiling ... and we'll see you on Zoom every day at 1.30pm :-)

Miss Foord, Mrs Woodford,

Mrs Hoddinott and Mrs Long

End of Term 3


Well done Wagtails, what a funny term that was yet each and every one of you got stuck into your learning both in school and at home, and continued to be the best you can be! We are so proud of you all!


Thank you to all your parents for all their hard work and continued support. We loved receiving emails updating us on your day's activities, and of course seeing all your cheeky, smiley faces on Zoom each day :-) 


Let's not forget the lovely snow we had this term too! We are so glad you all managed to get outside to play with your families and experience the snow for yourselves. What a fabulous experience it was :-)


We hope you all have a lovely break; rest, relax and enjoy your week of no school work and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Take care, have fun and keep smiling,

Miss Foord, Mrs Woodford,

Mrs Hoddinott and Mrs Long

Welcome to Term 3


A huge Happy New Year to you all! 


We hope that you all managed to enjoy your Christmas and that a visit from Father Christmas cheered you all up.


Unfortunately this is not the way any of us wanted to begin another term and we can only hope that we are all back in school very soon. 


To begin this term some of us will be learning in school whilst some of us are learning at home. so that we can all keep in touch we will have daily Zoom sessions. This will enable us to chat with our friends and play some games. We are looking forward to seeing you all on there. 


A huge thank you for all your ongoing support, times are very strange at the moment but please know that we are still here for you. If you need any support please feel free to contact us.


See you all back at school soon

Miss Foord, Mrs Woodford,

Mrs Hoddinott and Mrs Long 


End of Term 2


What a strange term that was yet the Wagtails have been amazing! We have noticed so much progress in the past term, from concentration and behaviour, to attitude to learning and 'showing off' their abilities. 


We kicked started our term by transforming our classroom into a jungle. The children had lots of fun learning our new story, 'Walking Through the Jungle' and spent time helping to create scenery and animals for our jungle setting. We discovered what animals live in the jungle and become actors and actresses as we enthusiastically acted out the story. 


We didn't let our two week school closure slow us down either, we had so much fun on our daily Zoom sessions playing games and completing challenges, and were so proud of the amount of effort everyone put into their home learning! 


We had an exciting return to school,  welcoming Mrs Woodford back to Wagtail Class and enjoying our run up to Christmas. We helped decorate the Christmas tress and classroom, made Christmas cards and decorations, and even learnt how to sign 'Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer'. We enjoyed sharing our own family traditions from Christmas decorations to what treats we leave Father Christmas and of course, loved watching our cheeky Elf's antics! 


This term we also begun visiting the forest area. We had so much fun exploring our new environment, looking for hazards, learning our Forest School Rules, searching for creatures and discovering clues that we might have Fairies living in there! 


Things have certainly been far from normal but we have all continued to try  

'to be the best we can be' 


You have all been busy little Wagtails and you really do deserve a fun-filled Christmas with plenty of rest!  


Merry Christmas Wagtails! 

Term 2


Welcome back to school and to Term 2 Wagtails.

We had a very busy and fun Term 1 and we are now looking forward to an even more exciting Term 2!


This term we will be reading the story ‘Walking Through the Jungle’. Were you all amazed when you walked into your jungle classroom? Did you hear any jungle animals?


You have also received your very first reading book and we are sure that you will all enjoy reading these with your families. We look forward to hearing you read and to seeing you progress with your phonics.


Term 2 of course means Christmas! Things may be a little different for us all at the moment but we can assure you that this term will be full of festive fun.

End of Term 1


My goodness, how time flies! I cannot believe we are already at the end of the children's very first term in school and what a fun, exciting and memorable term it has been! The children have amazed us with how they are settling into school life and are showing themselves to be eager learners. They have very much enjoyed being around their peers and we are witnessing some lovely friendships budding. The children are quickly learning the importance of sharing and taking turns in their play and this makes us all so very proud!


This term we introduced our Phonic sessions. The children are learning to recognise the graphemes (letters) s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d and g and can say the phoneme (sound) when shown. We are learning to sort objects by their initial phoneme and have enjoyed playing phonic games such as 'Dinosaur Dash', 'Phonics Pairs' and 'Magic G'. A little challenge for you Wagtails - can you sing our Jolly Phonic songs to your grown-ups? Don't forget the actions!


We hope you all have a wonderful half term with your families and look forward to seeing you again very soon! Stay safe and have fun :-)

Term 1 in photos...

Wednesday 7th October 

We have really enjoyed reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We can talk about the main characters in the story and had great fun practising our Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear voices. We worked as a team sequencing the pictures from the story talking about the beginning, middle and end with our talking partners, and even had a go at creating a story map. 

When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears...

In other Wagtail news this week...

Sunday 27th September 

Well Wagtails, our adventure has well and truly begun! We are so proud of how the children have fastened their seat belts and are tackling the first part of their school journey. Already the children are adapting to their new environment and are finding their feet. They are quickly learning the rules and routines that happen in school and we are so proud of them for trying their very hardest to show good sitting, good looking and good listening on the carpet. 


Many of the children in Wagtail Class have shared their love of spiders. Together we read Julia Donaldson's 'Spinderella', used pegs and tweezers to help the spiders escape their 'cobwebs' and created our very own spider art work. 


As our adventure continues... this week in Literacy we will be beginning to look at the traditional story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, in Maths we will be exploring everything we know about the numbers 1, 2 and 3, and in Phonics we will be beginning to identify the phonemes s, a and t in words. Not forgetting it's our first full week! Don't forget to get a good nights sleep and have a nice big breakfast to fill you with energy! What a great week we will have! 


What have we been up to?

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