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Term 2


Welcome back to school and to Term 2 Wagtails.

We had a very busy and fun Term 1 and we are now looking forward to an even more exciting Term 2!


This term we will be reading the story ‘Walking Through the Jungle’. Were you all amazed when you walked into your jungle classroom? Did you hear any jungle animals?


You have also received your very first reading book and we are sure that you will all enjoy reading these with your families. We look forward to hearing you read and to seeing you progress with your phonics.


Term 2 of course means Christmas! Things may be a little different for us all at the moment but we can assure you that this term will be full of festive fun.

End of Term 1


My goodness, how time flies! I cannot believe we are already at the end of the children's very first term in school and what a fun, exciting and memorable term it has been! The children have amazed us with how they are settling into school life and are showing themselves to be eager learners. They have very much enjoyed being around their peers and we are witnessing some lovely friendships budding. The children are quickly learning the importance of sharing and taking turns in their play and this makes us all so very proud!


This term we introduced our Phonic sessions. The children are learning to recognise the graphemes (letters) s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d and g and can say the phoneme (sound) when shown. We are learning to sort objects by their initial phoneme and have enjoyed playing phonic games such as 'Dinosaur Dash', 'Phonics Pairs' and 'Magic G'. A little challenge for you Wagtails - can you sing our Jolly Phonic songs to your grown-ups? Don't forget the actions!


We hope you all have a wonderful half term with your families and look forward to seeing you again very soon! Stay safe and have fun :-)

Term 1 in photos...

Wednesday 7th October 

We have really enjoyed reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We can talk about the main characters in the story and had great fun practising our Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear voices. We worked as a team sequencing the pictures from the story talking about the beginning, middle and end with our talking partners, and even had a go at creating a story map. 

When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears...

In other Wagtail news this week...

Sunday 27th September 

Well Wagtails, our adventure has well and truly begun! We are so proud of how the children have fastened their seat belts and are tackling the first part of their school journey. Already the children are adapting to their new environment and are finding their feet. They are quickly learning the rules and routines that happen in school and we are so proud of them for trying their very hardest to show good sitting, good looking and good listening on the carpet. 


Many of the children in Wagtail Class have shared their love of spiders. Together we read Julia Donaldson's 'Spinderella', used pegs and tweezers to help the spiders escape their 'cobwebs' and created our very own spider art work. 


As our adventure continues... this week in Literacy we will be beginning to look at the traditional story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, in Maths we will be exploring everything we know about the numbers 1, 2 and 3, and in Phonics we will be beginning to identify the phonemes s, a and t in words. Not forgetting it's our first full week! Don't forget to get a good nights sleep and have a nice big breakfast to fill you with energy! What a great week we will have! 


What have we been up to?