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Term 6


Hello Hummingbirds!


It seems ages since we last saw you!  We hope that you are safe and well and that you are enjoying spending time with your grownups at home.  


Thank you ever so much if you have sent in home learning, we are super impressed with the photographs that we have received!  Have a look at the home learning folder to see what your friends have been getting up to, you will see some brilliant ideas!


Miss O'Connell and I have been in school every day having fun but we really miss seeing all of our little Hummingbirds - we have seen two of your though, which is lovely.  Mrs Tollett has been very busy gardening in our outside area and it now looks super tidy and ready for all of the new reception children coming in.  Mrs Deacon has been in to do some tidying and painting too.  We are making the most of the beautiful weather to get lots of busy jobs done!


Look after yourselves and your grownups and we really hope we see you very soon!


Mrs Pleace, Miss O'Connell, Mrs Tollett and Mrs Deacon :-)


Term 5


Hello Hummingbirds!


Thank you ever so much for sending in lots of fabulous home learning, we are super proud of your efforts!  You have worked brilliantly with your grown ups at home to produce some amazing work, which is in the Home Learning folder for Term 4 - have a sneaky peek!  


We understand that this is a very different way of learning and that lots of you are missing school very much.  We know this is tricky and we do understand because we are feeling exactly the same as you,.  Do you know what though?  Every time we get an email from you, we get a great big smile!  It is brilliant to see your videos, photographs and wonderful work and to hear about what you have been getting up to.  Please carry on messaging us, so that we keep on smiling!


We have now begun Term 5, so have uploaded new learning for you to access, should you want to.  Please send us photographs of learning and we will put them straight into the Home Learning folder for Term 5.  We cannot wait to see what you will achieve this term!  


We miss you all very much and hope that we will all be back together soon.

Take care, Mrs Pleace, Miss O'Connell, Mrs Tollett and Mrs Deacon.



World Book Day

Hello Hummingbirds!

Term 4

You have all returned to school this term with a wonderful attitude to learning and you are making us super proud :).

So many of you love reading and have made huge progress in this area already.  Thank you to our grown ups at home who read regularly and write in the book to confirm.  

This week we have had two Book Days and we have had great fun together. On Thursday, we read the Stick and Stone book, which you all really enjoyed.  We talked about the importance of being a good friend and created some amazing art work with pebbles.  Today we had a Supertato Day, which was brilliant!  We rescued the vegetables that were trapped, made traps to catch Evil Pea and painted pictures with vegetables.  

As you know, we have an open door policy and we are always here if you need us.  Please share any important information and let us know if you have any exciting news to share too.

Keep up the good work Hummingbirds!

Mrs Pleace, Miss O'Connell, Mrs Deacon and Mrs Tollett :)

Happy New Year Hummingbirds!


Welcome back, Term 3 already and we are going to be having lots of fun.


Please ensure that you all have warm coats, hats and gloves as we will continue to explore our outside environment throughout the cold months of January and February.

Wow Hummingbirds, you have been in school for a whole term already! We are very proud of how you have all settled. Lots of you are now coming into class independently, which is amazing and we will continue to encourage this independence next term. 

Thank you grown ups for coming in to create and write your hopes and dreams for your child this year; it was a very special time to share.

We hope you and your families have a very enjoyable two week break and we will see you back at school on Monday 28th October.


Happy Holidays! 


Mrs Pleace, Miss O'Connell, Mrs Tollett and Mrs Deacon

Our Routines

Hello Hummingbirds,

We are all very proud of the way that you have settled at school, well done :-). 

Lots of you are now coming into the classroom without your grownups, which is amazing!  You have only been in school for a little while and already you have learnt to stop when you hear the shaker, find your carpet spaces, tidy up your classroom and line up beautifully at the door.  

Keep up the good work.

Mrs Pleace, Miss O'Connell, Mrs Deacon and Mrs Tollett







4th October 2019

Hello Hummingbirds,

Although you are all very tired, you should be proud of the amazing week you have had at school.

You were all superstars in P.E and I know that you are looking forward to the next one.  In phonics you have learnt the sounds, s, a and t, along with the action and song.  We have enjoyed hearing you role play the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and you have all done a great job of learning the numbers so far.  The sponsored walk was fun and you all coped brilliantly with it.  

Have a well-deserved rest and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Happy weekend,

Mrs Pleace, Miss O'Connell, Mrs Deacon and Mrs Tollet


Hello Hummingbirds,

Wow, what another fabulous week we've had!

This week you have all written your names and drawn beautiful self-portraits.  We have even counted the potatoes that we found and put them in size order.  The guitars that you made were brilliant too.  Although, the highlight of our week has to be the band playing and everybody singing along to our favourite class song! It was great fun, well done.

Remember that next week you are staying for lunch, how exciting! You will need to ask your grownups what you are having ready to tell us when you get to school.

Happy weekend Hummingbirds,

Mrs Pleace, Miss O'Connell, Mrs Deacon and Mrs Tollett