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End of Year


Well Robins, what a funny old year that was! We are still feeling sad that the year was cut short and that we didn’t get to see you all as much as we would have liked to. However, you all did so well with your home learning! We would both log in to our emails every morning to find many lovely messages from you or photos of all the wonderful home learning you were doing. It was so lovely to hear from your mummies and daddies who were so proud of how much you knew and what you were able to do. We may not have been with you but we could see how you were developing and progressing and it really did make us smile.  

Lockdown has been hard for all of you and us but on Wednesday you all came into school ready to meet your new teacher Mrs Griffiths and to see your new classroom.  Each and every one of you were so brave and grown up.

We are proud to call you ‘Our 2019-2020 Robins’


So Robins, we hope you and your families have a lovely summer and a well-earned rest.

We look forward to seeing you all in September when you are all Goldfinches and continuing

to be the best you can be!


Happy holidays!

Mrs Bennett, Mrs Garlick,

Mrs Coetzer & Miss Butt


Term 6


Can you believe we are now at the beginning of Term 6! 

It has been a very strange year and the past two terms were not how any of us expected your first year at Minster to be but you have all been superstars! 


You have been sending us emails and photos showing us what you have been doing at home and we were really pleased to see so many of you enjoying the activities we planned for you all. 


We may not be in school now but we are still here for you and we look forward to hearing from you all over this last term. 


Remember Robins, have fun with your families, enjoy learning and stay safe. 

We miss you all!

Mrs Bennett & Mrs Garlick 

Miss Butt & Mrs Coetzer


End of Term 5


Hello Robins, we may not have been in school for Term 5 but how lucky are we to have received so many lovely emails from you all showing us the learning you have been doing at home and also the lovely activities you and your families have enjoyed in the sunshine. 

We look forward to hearing from you throughout Term 6 and to seeing more photos of what you have been doing. Don't forget to look at the home learning page to see your own photos and also photos of your friends enjoying lots of different activities. Remember you can email us at anytime.


We hope that you all continue to stay safe and that you enjoy a well earned rest next week.

Mrs Bennett, Mrs Garlick 

Miss Butt & Mrs Coetzer 




Hello Robins! 

 Well Term 4 was certainly a funny old one! We have missed seeing you all, but how lovely it has been to receive lots of emails telling us all about what you have been doing. We loved seeing lots of photos of your home learning and the fun you have been having with your families. We have uploaded the photos to the home learning page for all of your friends to see. We have heard that many of you are video calling your class friends which is a really lovely idea. Mrs Bennett and Mrs Garlick chat to each other daily and we are in contact with all of the teachers and TA's too. 

We are now at the beginning of Term 5 and we have lots of lovely home learning activities planned for you all to enjoy. Please spend time making memories with your families and when you have time email us to let us know how you are and what you have been doing. We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing lots more home learning photos.

We are still here Robins and you can email us at any time but for now stay home, stay safe and have fun! 

Mrs Bennett & Mrs Garlick

Miss Butt & Mrs Coetzer



Science Week

Henry's volcano made a great explosion!
Tommy's volcano bubbled out of the top.
Jackson made sure his seeds had all they needed.
The children loved Hudson's lava lamp!
We were impressed with Amelia's lamp too!
Freya was confident when explaining her barometer.
We were amazed at how safe Lucas' egg was!
We enjoyed exploring chemical reactions!
The children heard fizzing.
We found objects that floated.
Nothing better than getting mucky!
A solid or a liquid?
We used candles to write secret messages!
We were amazed when they were revealed!

Forest School


We have been out in the forest already this term and had great fun creating a giant bird's nest and making bird feeders to keep them fed during the cold weather.


Term 4


We are not entirely sure where Term 3 went but we saw the children develop in many ways, overcoming difficulties by their own determination or with the help of their classmates. Learning new skills can be tricky but we never give up in Robin Class!


With the coldest of weather hopefully behind us we are looking forward to a term packed full of sunny spring days, learning inside and out, new challenges that allow us to develop our Minster Muscles and of course the excitment of the arrival of the Easter Bunny!!


With one week under our belts we are back into the routines of coming to school each day. The children are showing us their developing phonic skills when they sit to read or to write and we are very proud of their progress so far. Please keep up your fantastic support at home. Reading regualrly impacts greatly on not only their progress but their confidence too.


We are looking forward to our book days this week. On Thursday our focus will be on friendship and we will be encouraging lots of disussion around this aswell as some lovely craft activities. On Friday we will be donning our capes and masks (even the adults) and becoming superheores for the day. We have no doubt that with super teamwork we will save the vegetables from the Evil Pea!


We welcome Miss Butt to our team this term.The children have already made her feel part of Robin class and she has been busy building those important relationships with the children.


Please remember to catch us if you need advice or your child or yourself need support or to share any exciting news or acheivements with us.


We look forward to a very happy Term 4.


Robin Class Teachers


Happy New Year Robins!


We hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas where you have had time to enjoy busy days but also time to rest. We are looking forward to hearing all about your Christmas and how you celebrated with your families. 


Can you believe that we are beginning Term 3 already!

This will be another exciting term where we will be continuing to develop in all areas of the curriculum. Although January and February are cold months we will still be spending lots of our time exploring the outdoor environment so please ensure that you all have warm coats, hats and gloves. 

We look forward to a fun filled term with you all. 



Harriet learnt how to sign a Christmas song!

Still image for this video

Christmas in Robin Class

We had fun exploring our Forest area today. We listened well and followed the rules that keep us safe when playing there. Some of us climbed trees, made dens, braved the rope bridge, hunted for numbered pumpkins and created wands. Such a fun morning in the beautiful autumnal sunshine!

It is said that every tree has a face!
We have been learning about potential dangers.
The children thought this may trip someone up!

What lovely hopes for your child's first year at school!

 Friday 11th October


Robins, can you believe you have been in school for a whole term already? We are so proud of how you have all settled. Many of you are now coming into class independently, well done! We will continue to encourage this independence next term. 

We are looking forward to this afternoon when your families will join you and us for an end of term celebration activity.


We wish you and your families an enjoyable two week break and we will see you back at school on Monday 28th October.


Happy Holidays! 


Mrs Bennett, Mrs Garlick, Miss Ashworth and Mrs Coetzer



Friday 4th October

Robins we are very impressed with how well you have coped with your first full week at school. You have experienced your first PE lesson with Josh, which by all accounts was a huge success and Mrs Bennett was very proud of your good listening and ability to follow instructions so well. We have observed some lovely moments in class this week. We have seen great imaginations, with the children forming rock bands and taking on the role of Mrs Jeffery! We have seen kindness. Children supporting each other when they are feeling a little sad by sharing their favourite story or simply letting them know they are there for them and we have seen growing confidences. Children who were unsure of the dinner hall now wanting to be first in the line, children leaving their adult at the door and coming in independently and children keen to share their thoughts on the carpet without hesitation. Well done Robins. Enjoy your well deserved rest over the weekend and we look forward to the week ahead.

Mrs Bennett, Mrs Garlick, Miss Ashworth & Mrs Coetzer 

Letter regarding our routines and important dates

We had great fun during our first PE session


Wednesday 25th September


Robins you are all superstars! You have all stayed for lunch. Some of you have been up to the hall for a school dinner and some of you have brought a packed lunch into school. 


On Monday (30.9.19) we will have our first PE session so remember to bring your PE kits.


Wednesday 18th September 2019

Lovely to see the children becoming more settled. They are getting used to new faces and the new routines of school. Great to see the children already being independent with some aspects of the day. They have been changing into their wellies by themselves and even a few coming in happily without an adult at the start of the day. Next week the children will be staying for lunch and going home at 1pm. We will be there to support them in the dinner hall and out on the playground for this new experience.  

Monday 9th September 2019

Well done Robins, you all had such a good, but very rainy first day at school!

We had lots of fun playing in the role play area, painting (this was very messy!) and playing with the small world toys. Hopefully tomorrow isn't a rainy day. 

We are super proud of you all!


Hello Robins,

We hope that you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are ready to share your holiday news with us all.

We are looking forward to visiting you all at home this coming week.

See you soon Robins!


Mrs Bennett, Mrs Garlick, Miss Ashworth and Mrs Coetzer.