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Odd Sock Day

Happy Odd Socks Day!!


Odd Socks Day is a day to celebrate how different, special and unique we all are!

We're wearing our odd socks are you?


Ayla, "I've chosen to wear one LOL sock in my favourite colour because I love LOLs and a reindeer sock because I love reindeers and Christmas!"

Miss Foord, "I've chosen my favourite things too; pink and penguins!"


Why not log in to Andy and the Odd Socks Virtual Assembly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AUB79YxkwQ


How about designing your own odd socks to reflect your personality and interests?

Don't forget to email us your Odd Sock Day photos.


We hope you have a super day and remember to always celebrate how special and unique you are :-)

Foundation supporting Odd Sock Day

Odd Socks Day at The Bennett's!

Odd Sock Day

Miss Ashworth's Odd Socks for Odd Sock Day