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Monday 04.01.21

Daily Activities

As well as the daily videos we will be uploading, please remember the following activities to do each day:

  • Log into Mathletics and complete your set tasks or practice anything you are unsure on.
  • Read your Accelerated Reading books and when you are ready to quiz you can use the URL: to ensure you can log in at home. If you do not have a book to quiz on, you can always use MyOn to find a book to read online and quiz on that instead- just think, reading one 0.5 point book on MyOn a day will get you 5.0 points by the end of this two weeks off.
  • Try the daily PE Challenge set by Josh and Nicole and send in your scores!


If you have completed anything that you'd wish to share with us or if you want to ask us anything about the work being set that you need clarification on, please do email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can:


Monday 4th January- New Year's Resolutions

Monday 4th January- Arithmetic 1

Spelling Bee


These are your spellings for the week- on Friday we will have a Spelling test video where you can test yourself. There are 15 that follow a similar pattern, with the suffix -ing and then a further few that are from previous tests and can be quite tricky:

  • according
  • building
  • climbing
  • extinguishing
  • fighting
  • gleaming
  • interesting
  • sprawling
  • spreading
  • vanishing
  • washing
  • beginning
  • planning
  • stopping
  • swimming


  • circumference
  • transformed
  • autograph
  • destination
  • invention
  • silence

Zoom Meeting


There's no Zoom Meeting on Monday 4th January, the sessions will begin on Tuesday 5th January at 2pm for Falcon and 2:30pm for Kookaburra. If you need us at all, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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