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Sunny Bank Primary School

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Magic Maths

Good morning. We would like the children to work practically today to help reinforce partitioning to subtract. Please take photos of their learning to send to us :)  If they can write number sentences too that is great! You can draw or print tens frames to help their understanding (link below). Have fun!

Can you listen and join in with your fingers to this subtraction song!

A fun song to introduce and reinforce subtraction concepts.

Partitioning to take away

Can you learn to partition your 2nd number to take away?

Tens Frames you can print if you would like too. Different sizes to choose!

First video explaining partitioning to subtract.

Using the greatest (bigger) number first can you use partitioning to subtract with manipulatives?

Part 2 another example of partitioning to subtract :)

Keep practising to help those neurons grow in your brain!

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