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In-school Learning

Week 8 – 11.5.20

What a busy week we have had!

We started each day with some schoolwork to keep our brain boxes ticking over!  Once the reading, Mathletics, spelling bee or maths was done, we were ready to burn off some energy in areas of the school we don’t usually get to explore. It has been lovely watching new friendships develop as the children spent time with different children each day.

We loved practising our archery skills. Some of us could have given Robin Hood a run for his money by the end of the week!

On Wednesday it was Alex’s birthday so we made cakes, played “throw the parcel”, coloured party masks and enjoyed playing with balloons. Thank you to Alex’s mum for sending in treats for the children. We’re sure it was a birthday that Alex will remember!

We loved playing and learning in the forest area- making bug hotels, bird feeder, climbing the trees and spotting wildlife.

Throughout the week we built a pirate ship out of a huge cardboard box. Hours were spent trying to find the right materials for the mast and resilience was shown when trying to fix the materials together.

To remember our time in school we created an under the sea themed display.

Thank you for the memories we made at Minster school during week 8 of Lockdown 2020!

Week 7  4.5.20


We have had lots of fun this week exploring the forest school and being very creative. We began our week with some fantastic teamwork building cars and making our ‘wish posters’. We have also really enjoyed going on bug hunts and making new homes and habitats for the bugs we found…some of them were even given names! We used our fingers to paint the bugs we saw in jars and made butterflies using the sticks we found. We really enjoyed using the cup stacking to make the biggest towers we could! We had to be very careful to balance them carefully!


Barry set us a challenge to make some artwork to go up on the wall outside so we thought carefully about how things are so different at the moment! We all worked together to create a beautiful sign saying, ‘The world came together as the people stayed apart’. We decorated it with flowers and bugs in lots of bright colours and we are really proud of it!


We finished the week thinking about celebrating VE day. We decorated bunting and made our own sandwiches and decorated cakes. We also make some delicious rocky road and we went outside to eat our picnic together. We enjoyed playing team games outside and having fun in the sun together. ​

Week 6 27.4.20


“We began this week by making super heroes with colourful capes!
Then we made silly monster faces and gave them crocked teeth!
We decorated our own buscuits ready for our snack break.
We built an entire zoo and made different animals to live inside. We also painted this to be as colourful as our school.
We collected lots of things bugs would enjoy and fitted them into a bug hotel.
We used masking tape to write our names and painted over this. Once it dried we removed the tap!
Read stick man and created our own stick man family.
Made some rainbow parrots to decorate the window.”

Week 5 - 20.4.20


Well it's certainly been busy here at school this week! We started the week creating a masterpiece on the playground to say thank you to our Key Workers to be included in our Minster Primary School video that was made this week. 


We created some bird cakes, compiled on a base of pine cones, that we hung from the trees in the forest area for the local birds and animals to feast upon. We also planted some sunflowers that hopefully will grow over the coming weeks. We have made chocolate corn flake cakes and also created fruit kebabs with strawberries, pineapple, grapes, banana and some marshmallows covered in chocolate. This week marked two important days: first of all we celebrated the Queen's birthday with an afternoon tea of scones with cream and jam after making crowns, and the second was St. George's Day where we painted a dragon and designed shields whilst singing along to We'll meet again.


Also, to finish off the week, we had a paper aeroplane making competition! It's amazing how far some of them flew! Many of the children here are here because their parents are care workers who are still working, so we gave them a small lesson on how to use bandages and they had a go at practicing patching themselves up with slings and head wraps.


​It's been such a great week- filled with fun packed activities! 

Week 4 - 13.04.20


We have enjoyed many nature walks and created loads of art work including woodland crowns.


I think our highlight of the week was some of the beautiful piano playing by two of the children, whilst Mrs Walker sang, mostly in tune. It definitely woke us up!


It has been delightful getting to know the personalities of so many children that we may not have had the pleasure of meeting before and seeing how talented they are when it comes to creating some art work. But most all it has been lovely to see friendships build amongst children that usually do not interact!



Week 3 - 06.04.20


This week has been fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun! During the week, we have kept up to date with Mathletics and AR in the ICT suite because if you don’t use it, you lose it! Joe Wicks has kept us fit alongside lots of outdoor activities from skipping to tennis.


We have done so much this week it is hard to know where to start and stop! We have made kites, paper aeroplanes, pom pom animals, an Easter egg wreath, Easter cards and rainbows to remind us of the great work the NHS are doing alongside key workers. Happily, we made more crispy cakes to keep our tummies from rumbling and had lots of fun making animal masks. But most of all we loved drawing on the playground, some were games, some were art and some were suspicious!


Have a restful and peaceful Easter



Week 2 - 30.03.20


Wow! What a fantastic week we have had. There were lots of fun and games and smiles on faces. 


During the week, the children made rice krispie cakes and iced sponge cake. Ensuring that maths and reading skills were kept up, we spent some time each day logged on to Matheltics and AR. The hit activity for the week was undoubtedly sewing! Mrs Morgan’s and Mrs James’ sewing skills were put to the test when not only bags, but pillows were made too! The children were able to design what they wanted on the front of their pillows and then carefully transferred these over as well as having a go at the sewing.


Our week finished with an Easter egg hunt; each child had to find 5 eggs which had their names on them to swap them for a chocolate egg.  Mrs Morgan made a very good job of hiding the eggs and the children were brilliant at helping each other, true teamwork! Mrs Morgan, Mrs James and Mrs Bruce all wish you a happy Easter.



Week 1 - 23.03.20


This was the start of our adventure because being the first team of the lockdown, no one knew what our week would look like. We soon fell in to a pattern of registering, hand washing, breakfast, hand washing, exercise, hand washing, Mathletics, hand washing, diary writing, hand washing, outside playtime, hand washing, Science, hand washing, lunch, hand washing, outside playtime, hand washing, arts and crafts, hand washing, outside playtime, hand washing, reading, hand washing, snack time, hand washing, chill time and - you guessed it - hand washing. To keep it fun our activities changed daily, but social distancing and hand washing were our constant. 


We all soon found out what good cooks Mrs Faulkner and Barry are, everyday they created a lunch that was shared and enjoyed by us all.  A little work group painted fences with Barry and cleaned cars. The group were very industrious, creating a quotation and invoice for the cost of cleaning staff cars. It was £2 well spent!


The children particularly enjoyed creating the rainbow of hearts to thank our wonderful NHS staff, who many of their parents work for, they were proud to display it for all to see. We planted seeds to watch grow during the lockdown and loved using chalk to create playground pictures and games.


Nervous, bewildered children arrived on Monday morning, not knowing who would be there to take care of them, what other children would be there to work with and worrying about the safety of their parents. By the end of the week, they were excited at what they had achieved and looking forward to the following weeks activities. What a great week we all had and looking forward to doing it all again soon!