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Picture 1 Poppy went on a bug hunt and then wrote about the bugs she found
Picture 2 Arthur read Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and did the comprehension
Picture 3 Lilly has been working hard to improve her handwriting and has been very careful to make sure her lovely story writing is clear to read
Picture 4 Lilly has been working hard to improve her handwriting and has been very careful to make sure her lovely story writing is clear to read
Picture 5 Ellis researched different WW2 posters before creating his own
Picture 6 Ellis created a rationing game
Picture 7 Ellis has been enjoying learning about WW2 in the run up to VE Day.
Picture 8 Jack learning to tell the time
Picture 9 Hungry Caterpillar 2
Picture 10 Storyboard
Picture 11 Storyboard 2
Picture 1 Ernie is enjoying the Chronicles of Narnia
Picture 2 He wrote a sentence about each character
Picture 3 Lovely clear sentences Ernie.
Picture 4 Summer then created her own Family Tree.
Picture 5 Phoebe used some lovely adjectives to describe Jack
Picture 6 Matilda and Max discovered eggs in their birds house.
Picture 7 Phoebe has been learning to tell the time
Picture 8 Summer enjoyed finding out about Queen Victoria
Picture 1 Dolly planted her own seeds.
Picture 2 Dolly planted her own seeds and wrote all about a plant.
Picture 3 Dolly wrote all about Jack and the Beanstalk!
Picture 4 Max read a book all about England and then wrote some facts!
Picture 5 Poppy has done wonderful work finding nouns and adjectives.
Picture 6 Poppy became a nature detective!
Picture 1 Sophie enjoyed becoming a nature detective.
Picture 2 What a star, Summer has already quizzed on 23 books.
Picture 3 Summer is enjoying our new Topic; The Victorians
Picture 4 Victoria has been finding out about Queen Victoria and practicing her handwriting!
Picture 1 Max beating the Year 1 weekly word count this year!
Picture 2 Phoebe created her own version of Snakes and Ladders
Picture 3 What an imaginative piece of writing, super Georgia!
Picture 4 Theo in Goldfinch celebrated his 6th birthday
Picture 5 Phoebe lovely writing
Picture 6 Phoebe ​made Easter nests
Picture 7 Phoebe ​made an Easter bonnet
Picture 8 Darcy' s homelearning timetable that she helped design
Picture 9 Sonny's tally work
Picture 10 Stan has been on a nature hunt.
Picture 11 Poppy has gathered tadpoles and watched them grow and made a project on them.
Picture 12 Harley has completed his power project on the Victorians.
Picture 13 Kyle has done a character description of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk
Picture 14 Jaycee - What a SUPERstar!
Picture 15 Jensen - What a busy bee!
Picture 16 Archie-Joe used tissue paper to create his own stained glass window
Picture 17 Georgia challenged herself to included a simile when describing the Very Hungry Caterpillar
Picture 18 Georgia challenged herself to use the conjunction 'because' when writing a review
Picture 19 Cooper - Cosmic Yoga
Picture 20 Lyla - A project about the ancient Egyptians
Picture 21 Max - Reading in his treehouse
Picture 22 Olivia - SPaG practice
Picture 23 Bella - Easter Card
Picture 24 Bella - Milk carton Elma
Picture 25 Bella - Stained glass window angel