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Charlie created his own seasons tree showing the changes that happen throughout the year
Charlie is enjoying our Fire! topic. He extended his learning to find out about firefighters
Ernie wrote sentences about his favourite Avengers
Sophie thought the Skittle rainbow experiment was really cool​! ​
Summer made a list of all the things she and her family use fire for at home before thinking about the differences between good and bad fires.
Summer recorded facts about The Great Fire of London
Ariadne incubated some eggs
and was lucky enough to watch them hatch!
Ariadne likes to read to the chicks as they sit on her shoulder!
Ariadne has learnt lots about the Easter celebrations.
Ariadne wrote all about the chicks and how she has cared for them.
Poppy went on a bug hunt and then wrote about the bugs she found
Arthur read Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and did the comprehension
Lilly has been working hard to improve her handwriting and has been very careful to make sure her lovely story writing is clear to read
Lilly has been working hard to improve her handwriting and has been very careful to make sure her lovely story writing is clear to read
Ellis researched different WW2 posters before creating his own
Ellis created a rationing game
Ellis has been enjoying learning about WW2 in the run up to VE Day.
Jack learning to tell the time
 Hungry Caterpillar 2
Storyboard 2
Ernie is enjoying the Chronicles of Narnia
He wrote a sentence about each character
Lovely clear sentences Ernie.
Summer then created her own Family Tree.
Phoebe used some lovely adjectives to describe Jack
 Matilda and Max discovered eggs in their birds house.
Phoebe has been learning to tell the time
Summer enjoyed finding out about Queen Victoria
Dolly planted her own seeds.
Dolly planted her own seeds and wrote all about a plant.
Dolly wrote all about Jack and the Beanstalk!
Max read a book all about England and then wrote some facts!
Poppy has done wonderful work finding nouns and adjectives.
Poppy became a nature detective!
Sophie enjoyed becoming a nature detective.
What a star, Summer has already quizzed on 23 books.
Summer is enjoying our new Topic; The Victorians
Victoria has been finding out about Queen Victoria and practicing her handwriting!
Max beating the Year 1  weekly word count this year!
Phoebe created her own version of Snakes and Ladders
What an imaginative piece of writing, super Georgia!
Theo in Goldfinch celebrated his 6th birthday
Phoebe lovely writing
Phoebe ​made Easter nests
Phoebe ​made an Easter bonnet
Darcy' s homelearning timetable that she helped design
Sonny's tally work
Stan has been on a nature hunt.
Poppy has gathered tadpoles and watched them grow and made a project on them.
Harley has completed his power project on the Victorians.
Kyle has done a character description of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk
Jaycee - What a SUPERstar!
Jensen - What a busy bee!
Archie-Joe used tissue paper to create his own stained glass window
Georgia challenged herself to included a simile when describing the Very Hungry Caterpillar
Georgia challenged herself to use the conjunction 'because' when writing a review
Cooper - Cosmic Yoga
Lyla - A project about the ancient Egyptians
Max - Reading in his treehouse
Olivia - SPaG practice
Bella - Easter Card
Bella - Milk carton Elma
Bella - Stained glass window angel