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Denitsa heiroglyphics
 Betsy's heiroglyphics
Betsy's facts on pyramids
Betsy pyramid facts
Roxy Hieroglyphs
Roxy Troll work
Anne and the Place Between by George
George's Place Between story
George's sarcophagus 2
Gracie Egyptian Pyramids
Gracie How shadows are made
 Gracie Shadows
Max Making a Pyramid
Max Skittles Science Experiment
Miles Canopic Jar
 Betsy's finished sarcophagus-what a star!.
Betsy's salt dough pot
Harley -superstar mathletics
Erynn Leon and the place between writing
Erynn making a shadow
Gracie F Spag - prefix re
Isabella fractions
 Millie dressed up like cleopatra
Millie Egyptian Timeline
Talia Fractions and Fluency
Millie Fractions


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 Betsy making salt dough
Betsy using design for salt doug
Summer's salt dough pyramid
Summer making salt dough
Roxy's windchimes
 Roxy's scones on VE day
Roxy baking
Roxy's salt dough sarcophagus
mummifying an orange
Roxy's salt dough fun
Roxy's tangram numeracy
Roxy finding opaque and translucent materials
Roxy writing Leon and the Place Between
 Denitsa makes a mummy
and magically my sister has diasppeared
Denitsa made some dolls
Maisie baking
Maisie fractions of a set of objects
Maisie keyworker rainbows
Maisie staying safe
Maisie key worker rainbow hands
: Gt Grandma painting
Summer's Sarcophagus
Story Map
Harley's Lego
Harley's Volcano
light mindmap
Jerry timeline
Jerry sarcphagus
design a death mask
Denitsa shadows
Denitsa fractions
light sources
Roxy canopic jar
Roxy planting
Lexie's balloon making
Lexie's balloon making
Lexie's work
Lexie's cookies
Roxanne's tictactoe
Roxanne making her ballet skirt
Graycie Easter project
Betsy writing
Betsy fluency
Betsy create character
 Betsy character
Teddy A - What a busy bee!
Erynn - A child that Mr and Mrs Twit may have had
Harley A - How the hand works
Roxy - What a busy bee!
Roxy - Making pizza
Roxy - salt dough fridge magnet

Harley A.MOV

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