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Picture 1 Bailey made a Tudor House
Picture 2 Yvaine has been learning about statistics
Picture 3 Max had the very important job of manning the BBQ
Picture 4 Honey has learnt how to sew and has been making bags
Picture 5 Isla had made a lovely bug hotel.
Picture 6 Ella - bike ride
Picture 7
Picture 8 Ella - reading
Picture 9 Ella - making ice lollies
Picture 10 Oscar - for creating a ​perspective drawing
Picture 1 Abbey made a poster about what Covid means
Picture 2 Abbey- practicing her times tables
Picture 3 Bailey made a reading den!
Picture 4 Sophia drew a street focussing on perspective
Picture 5 Sophia's Passport to Learning
Picture 6 Thomas wrote his own greek myth
Picture 1 Harry and Millie have made a rainbow for the Co-op
Picture 2 Harry and Millie have made a rainbow for the Co-op
Picture 3 Mia's Easter egg cheesecake
Picture 4 Mia's Easter egg cheesecake
Picture 5 Ella has been busy cooking and made some yummy scones
Picture 6 Ella created herself a den and completed her Mathletics homework in comfort
Picture 7 Ella achieved an amazing 196 out of 200 on her timetables test! You are a star
Picture 8 Designed a Tudor house
Picture 9 She has created a leaflet about the Great Barrier Reef and researched key facts to include
Picture 10 Georgina has created a family shield based upon the Tudors.
Picture 1 Abbey - Book Review
Picture 2 Bailey - His own ending to The Paperbag Prince
Picture 3 Bailey - Passport to Learning Coral Reef collage
Picture 4 Carys - Her own story
Picture 5 Isla - Her own ending to The Paperbay Prince
Picture 6 Luke - Making his own sausage rolls
Picture 7 Rhianne - Great Barrier Reef leaflet
Picture 8 Sophia - Times tables practice
Picture 9 Chloe - A healthy coral reef 2
Picture 10 Chloe - A healthy coral reef
Picture 11 Chloe - A polluted coral reef
Picture 12 Chloe - Healthy vs Polluted coral reef