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Picture 1 Lexi's VE day celebrations
Picture 2 Lexi's VE Day Prep
Picture 3 Josh's VE Day Prep
Picture 4 Daisy creating suspense
Picture 5 Daisy planning a description continued
Picture 6 Daisy planning a description
Picture 7 Daisy analyse elements in a film continued
Picture 8 Daisy analyse the elements in a film
Picture 1
Picture 2 Daisy's Daily Minster News_Villagers come together
Picture 3 Daisy's Daily Minster News Villagers come together
Picture 4 Daisy's Investigation_What affects how well the tub travels
Picture 5 Josh's Daily News - People guide ship to safety
Picture 6 Josh's Daily News Part 2
Picture 7 George- Investigation into copper cleaning
Picture 8 George - Investigation Write Up

Amelia's home learning

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Picture 1 Amelia - What a busy bee!
Picture 2 Amelia - The UN Rights of the Child
Picture 3 Rihanna Y5 & Talia Y3 - A Poem, The Silent War
Picture 4 Daisy - A Coronavirus rap!

Yr5 - Olly, An instructional video.mp4

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Jolie - What a busy bee!.mov

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