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Home Learning

This week we will join together as a whole year group each day.

Our morning zoom sessions will be at 9:30am where we will take part in a fun, interactive activity organised by one of the Year Two teachers.

In the afternoons we will check back in with you at 14:30pm to find out how you've spent your day and celebrate your achievements.


Use this link for Monday's sessions

9:30 and 14:30

Meeting ID: 975 6587 8615
Passcode: year2


Use this link for Tuesday's sessions

9:30 and 14:30

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 969 5054 9311

Passcode: 5bS9LX


Use this link for Wednesday's sessions

9:30 and 2:30

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 794 925 9786

Passcode: 6ArkRm



Use this link for Thursday's sessions

9:30 and 14:30

Meeting ID: 975 6587 8615
Passcode: year2



Final Days of Term 6

Here are links to each class' Friday morning zoom meeting. 

Friday 16th July @9:30am


Woodpecker Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 930 2615 6878
Passcode: woodpecker


Topic: Flamingo

Meeting ID: 997 3423 0480

Passcode: D5W0qp


Dove Class Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 794 925 9786

Passcode: 6ArkRm


We will encourage the children to particiate in MyOn, Mathleics and TTRockstars. 



Home Learning


With Home Learning well underway we’d like to highlight some of the resources on offer:


  1. Below, you will see the ‘splat’ folders and within these you will find daily videos including a Literacy and Numeracy input with supplementary activities such as topic tasks. On the ‘Class page menu’ you will also find daily PE challenges as well as AR and Mathletics challenge tables and information.
  2. The T3 Overview can be found underneath the Splat folders (there is also a ‘how to’ video under that too!). In this overview we have tried to give variety and encourage your ability to direct your own learning by looking at what best interests you – there are plenty of links so learning really is just a couple of clicks away!
  3. The importance of education is core to our society and as such we have so many brilliant resources available. Celebs such as Joe Wicks is delivering brilliant PE lessons (YouTube), Maddie Moate is delivering some dazzling Science lessons (YouTube) and David Walliams is back delivering English lessons in his own distinct style (! However, most excitingly, the BBC have decided to bring Bitesize to the red button on your device via the iPlayer – check out their details here


At this tricky time, we really do hope that you can take some enjoyment in sharing in your child’s education and the resources outlined above. Please stay in contact with your class teacher and feel free to email work in – we’d love to share our thoughts and provide feedback during a really tricky time in your child’s learning journey.

Use these details to access your daily 2pm zoom meetings. 


Woodpecker's zoom meeting

ID: 973 7776 2374

Passcode: iKL232


Flamingo's zoom meeting

ID: 91947680041

Passcode: A3AGM7


Dove's zoom meeting

ID: 7949259786

Passcode: 6ArkRm

       Term 4 Home Learning       

       Term 3 Home Learning       

      Home Learning Overview      

Looking for a little more work? Something a little different? Check out our home learning overviews for some added variety and challenge!

Below, you will find our overviews and a handy video guide too! These overviews are intended to supplement the work given by teachers and they may also use some elements too! You may find it handy to use the overview to find additional activities and creative ideas!

Home learning explained

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