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Can your child create a witch or wizard poem using disgusting things?  They use horrible items (see PowerPoint below or think of your own) to create a poem. Write the first two lines of the poem and then think of and add yukky items.  Finally write the last three lines!


Witches Brew 


Ooooooo my witches brew

What’s it going to do to you?

Mouldy apple core

Red bat’s blood

Dusty spider’s web

Toe of a frog

Oooooo my witches brew

What’s it going to do to you?



Your child can illustrate their poem and draw pictures next to the items! Maybe they could draw a cauldron and write the poem above or in it? Can they learn the poem and perform it to scare their teachers! How gruesome can you make your brew!




We are sorry that you aren't able to come to school at the moment but we have prepared a fun and varied selection of work that you can access at home! Don't forget to email your work in so that your teacher can see what a brilliant effort you are making! 


We hope that you and your family are well and we look forward to seeing you when you are able to return.