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Growth Mindset



Within the classroom environment pupils are encouraged to develop ‘Growth Mindsets’. Teachers will discuss and engage in activities highlighting the differences between Fixed and Growth Mindsets. (This is based upon the work of Carol Dweck).

People who believe in fixed mindsets state that intelligence and talent are fixed at birth in contrast those who adopt a Growth Mindset believe that intelligence can go up or down.


At Minster we believe that success can be achieved through the appropriate application of:

  • TIME





Our aim is that our pupils develop an understanding of what is meant by an ‘incremental learner’ using Growth Mindset strategies.


In order to foster a ‘Growth mindset’ culture within our classrooms we use praise which focuses on achievement and effort compared to ability. Our choice of language tells children what we value and what we believe.




We also foster an understanding that it’s ok to make mistakes and that by making mistakes we learn.

We ensure we regularly celebrate

  • Learning
  • Challenge
  • Brave choices
  • Mistakes


In addition we encourage all members of our community to use the term learning as opposed to work when engaging in discussion about activities undertaken. We believe that the term work has a negative connotation and encourages the development of a ‘Fixed Mindset’.

For further information about how Growth Mindset is promoted within our school please refer to the PowerPoints Growth Mindset, Growth Mindset learning at Minster and Growth Mindset displays below.


Growth Mindset Learning at Minster

Growth Mindset Displays

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