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Sunny Bank Primary School

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Daily Literacy

Mrs G tells you about Literacy today.

Can you describe a character? I wonder who it is?

Paper to describe Little Red Riding Hood. Choose spicy or mild.

Your Spelling Bee Quiz today

Can you remember how to spell these words?

Mrs Pleace teaches you your phonics today.

Can you learn a new way to say ai/ay?

Split Digraph a-e, Magic E Words, Sounds, Pictures | Letters and Sounds | Read with Phonics

Learn your split digraph a-e or magic e sounds with pictures! Take a look at our website for free online phonics games :

Between the Lions: "When Two Vowels Go Walking"

Here's one of the most popular songs ever from PBS's ten-time-Emmy-winning literacy education series, "Between the Lions." "When Two Vowels Go Walking" pres...

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